The Polish resistance movement in World War II, with the Polish Home Army at its forefront, was the largest underground resistance movement in all of occupied Europe, covering both German and Soviet zones of occupation. The Polish resistance is most notable for disrupting German supply lines to the Eastern Front, providing military intelligence to the British, and for saving more Jewish lives in the Holocaust than any other Western Allied organization or government. It was a part of the Polish Underground State.

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  1. sobo

    80 Years Ago Today...

    Today, 19 SEP 2020, marks the 80th anniversary of the day when 2LT Witold Pilecki, a Polish underground Home Army soldier, allowed himself to be captured by the Germans during a “roundup” in the Warsaw Ghetto and sent to Auschwitz. He volunteered for this mission, which was to allow himself to...
  2. ATCclears

    I Survived the Warsaw Ghetto. Here Are the Lessons I’d Like to Pass On.
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