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I.E.M. 1996–1999 is a compilation album from Steven Wilson's side project, the Incredible Expanding Mindbubblegum. It is a remastered collection of music recorded between 1996–99, and includes the whole of the first album I.E.M., the An Escalator to Christmas EP together with bonus material.
The original 2005 Headphone Dust version marked the first time that the An Escalator to Christmas EP had been available on CD. A subsequent limited edition of 500 copies was issued on white vinyl in 2007 by the ToneFloat label.The artwork replicates that of the original I.E.M. album.

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  1. CountryGent

    Mauser M1996?

    I remember these being imported back in the late 90s and thinking they might be neat-o. Whilst farting around various auction sites I see a few for sale. The ones in 9.3x62㎜ and .30⧸06, in particular, look like fun. All that said, I have zero experience with them. What say you? Sehr gut...
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