Harassment (/həˈræsmənt/ or /ˈhærəsmənt/) covers a wide range of behaviours of an offensive nature. It is commonly understood as behaviour that disturbs or upsets, and it is characteristically repetitive. In the legal sense, it is behaviour that appears to be disturbing or threatening. Sexual harassment refers to persistent and unwanted sexual advances, typically in the workplace, where the consequences of refusing are potentially very disadvantageous to the victim.

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  1. Diamondback

    National  WTF? San Fransucko trying to sue gunshops over products no longer sold

    From TFB: www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2017/03/09/online-accessory-retailer-sued-san-francisco-help-support/ So far crickets from NRA and SAF on what should be an EASY defense and countersuit... GoFundMe to help at Click here to support 7.62 Precision CA Lawsuit Defense by Dylan Saunders
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