Salling Group A/S (until 1 June 2018 Dansk Supermarked A/S) is Denmark's largest retailer, with a market share of 34.9%. It owns several chains of stores - Netto, Føtex, Bilka and Salling. All of these chains operate exclusively in Denmark except Netto, which has expanded into Germany, Poland, Sweden and has made two unsuccessful attempts at operating in the United Kingdom.
Herman Salling founded Jysk Supermarked in 1960. Dansk Supermarked A/S was formed when Salling partnered with the A.P. Møller-Mærsk Group in 1964.
On 1 June 2018 Dansk Supermarked changed its name to Salling Group.

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  1. winterveil

    Anyone up for Group Buys?

    Hi folks! Sorry if this has already been started somewhere else - I looked but couldn't find anything relevant. One thing that I haven't seen on these forums is group buys. Times being what they are - tight and uncertain - I'm of the opinion that it makes sense to try to save a bit of cash...
  2. Diamondback

    Inspired by CA Gunpocalypse: 80% Group Buy? (RESEARCH ONLY)

    Ladies and Gents, inspired by the CA "ghost gun ban" I just thought it might be worth opening up a discussion to see about organizing an NWFA Group Buy. I'm generally more an "idea man" and "data gatherer" than "executive/manager" but thought maybe if I threw the idea out and raised the right...
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