A firearm malfunction is the failure of a firearm to operate as intended for causes other than user error. Malfunctions range from temporary and relatively safe situations, such as a casing that didn't eject, to potentially dangerous occurrences that may permanently damage the gun and cause injury or death. Improper handling of certain types of malfunctions can be very dangerous. The basic rules of firearms safety should be followed at all times to minimize the risk to shooters and bystanders. Proper cleaning and maintenance of a firearm plays a big role in preventing malfunctions.

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    Calling all Glock experts - light primer strikes and failure to fire

    Happy Memorial Day to all! I decided to spend it shooting a couple of new firearms I've added to the inventory with my old man. I would just like to let it be known, I am a long time reader and seller on here, but first time poster. Please go easy on me if I'm just missing something completely...
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