The Second Cold War,
or Cold War II,
or the New Cold War,
are synonymous terms used by various commentators to describe the heightened 21st century political and military tensions between the United States and China. It is also used to describe such tensions between the US and Russia, the primary successor state of the former Soviet Union, which was one of the major parties of the original Cold War until its dissolution in 1991. Some commentators have used the term as a comparison to the original Cold War. Some other commentators have either doubted that either tension would lead to another "cold war" or have discouraged using the term to refer to either or both tensions.

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  1. CountryGent

    Ever considered putting in a fallout shelter?

    With Cold War 2.0 on, have you considered putting in a fallout shelter? What type and why? (I've kicked it around on and off. Most of the places I've lived isn't worth an a-bomb though, so it hasn't been a high priority. Our present home does not have a basement, so it would have to be...
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