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  1. Gunsmithing / Repair
  1. Handgun Training
  2. Rifle Training
  3. Shotgun Training
  4. CHL / CWP Classes
Established in 2016, The Gun Medic, LLC began with a passion for guns and safety. I grew up around guns from the time I can remember and got my first gun, a black powder rifle kit, at the age of ten. Always in awe of early designs and amazed at the ingenuity of both mechanics and function, I have spent the last three decades working on various firearm models. With a passion for safety, I recently completed my NRA Certified Instruction courses for Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun and am a certified Chief Range Safety Officer (CRSO). To continue my education, I am enrolled in AGI, with an emphasis on firearms evaluation. I recently purchased nine acres with my wife and we plan to expand the business to include an on-site classroom and more. I look forward to helping you with all of your firearms needs! - Lonnie Sizer, Owner.

Located in Yamhill County, The Gun Medic, LLC is located roughly seven miles outside of city limits in McMinnville, OR. I am certified to teach concealed carry permit courses for Oregon and Utah. I also offer several classroom and in-the-field opportunities to learn pistol, rifle, and shotgun basics such as cleaning & care, general safety & home defense, and continuous learning courses. I am currently set up for general firearms cleaning, repairs, and modifications, with plans for expansion. As a CRSO, I am able to certify Range Safety Officers. Contact me today for details.
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