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We specialize in high precision machining of steel and aluminum alloys, as well as plastic and polymer parts. Whether you need a single high-value part machined to exacting tolerances or hundreds of parts per month, we can accommodate your needs.

Additionally, we are the only shop in Southern Oregon to provide True Mil-Spec Manganese Phosphate coating (Parkerizing) for steel parts. We also have a network of suppliers for Anodizing, Laser engraving, Salt-bath Nitriding, Black oxide and other surface finishes, providing value-added one stop shopping for finished parts.

One of our strong suits is our focus on continual process improvement. Every time we do a production run, we look for new ways to improve our processes. It is not uncommon for our price to drop on subsequent runs as we pass these savings on to you. All of our employees are dedicated to providing the best possible value to our customers.
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