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Overall rating
4.07 star(s) 15 ratings
Well worth the trip down from Portland, honorable and respectful guys.
I will be buying there again.
Was on the hunt for a Black Pistol, after looking around online, and a couple other local stores, stopped in and talked with Mick and Ellis, nice people. They had the model I was looking for and I put a deposit on it. Even though I was a "newbie" to them, they did answer some of my rookie questions, and helped me pick out a holster. Would recommend you look them up if you are looking for a modern handgun.
Nice shop, decent selection. Staff are helpful. The go-to place for AR parts in Salem.
Good supply of Class III weapons. Fun to hang out and talk to Mic about guns or Corvettes. He has ordered cases of ammo for me at good prices. I have bought a couple of guns there.
Good selection, plenty of guns you don't see often and the owner is has always been a pleasure to deal with. Prices were a little high, and I have never made a purchase, but my father and multiple friends have, and have never been disappointed. One friend purchased an FAL that had a problem with the gas system; the owner took the gun back almost a year later (my friend's business requires considerable time traveling away from home) and got it fixed free-of-charge through a local gunsmith within a week!
Mick is personable, knowledgeable, helpful, and has a sense of humor. I bought a rifle from him in January and I've arranged a transfer as well. I've also referred various friends. Mick negotiates in good faith and can be trusted. The selection of surplus military firearms is impressive. I'm going to continue to support him as much as I can.
Good place for FFL transfers too! I used another place in town for a couple years and just purchased with Mick and it was easier and less $$$. He also has great prices on custom order scopes and such if you want a good buy on something and don't want to mess with the internet.

I think there are often people just hanging out and tire kicking in the shop whick makes it tough for him help everyone at one time and could have resulted in concerns mentioned.

FYI: Your credit card statement may catch the attention of your spouse if that is a concern when she reads the "exotic" line item.
Mick is a grade-A guy, a gentleman, a real class act. I've bought many guns from him through the years and have always felt as though I got a heck of a good deal. If he doesn't have what you are looking for in stock, he'll do his best to find it for you. He's also willing to deal on occasion, especially on his used stock. He's open from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, although he does close for shows from time to time. It's always a good day when I've stopped in to see Mick.
Mick is a good guy. I've had several dealings with him and he has always treated me well. He is there to make money so don't expect top dollar for your trades. His trade values are no different than anyone elses, I checked.
I like his selection and the prices aren't bad. He has some black guns and a good selection of hunting rifles as well as a decent selection of pistols. He is the only shop I will deal with in Salem.
I went there today for the first time. Based on the recomendation of this thread. Nice place, well organized, lots of guns, seems like stand up guy. Helped me sort out an issue i was having with my carry. Will go back and do more buisness.

I gave him a 4 because i am holding out for a place thats better. As of now, the best to date.
i've bought several from mick. never walked out of there fealing mistreated.
mick is a good guy to deal with.
I gave him a 4. I've done some business with him. Seems like a nice guy. Probably will do more business with him.
Nice guy to talk with. Knows a lot about class 3 firearms. Pretty good deals on most of his stuff.
A little expensive, but it is a business. Tiny shop with all kinds of milsurp and some black guns. Friendly with good customer service. Has stuff you don't see elsewhere.


  • Adaptive Firing Solutions
    5.00 star(s)
    Steve is a great guy to work with! I have had several transactions with him and will continue to do business with him. He is my go to dealer!
    • hker71
  • Straight Shooter Supply
    1.00 star(s)
    A relative of mine recently went through this place to purchase a handgun. They were rude to her, lied to her, and must be new to this FFL stuff...
    • FullMetalJerk
  • Adaptive Firing Solutions
    5.00 star(s)
    Steve is great. Easy to deal with, super low prices on his transfers.
    • DizzyJ
  • Adaptive Firing Solutions
    5.00 star(s)
    Had my first transaction with Steve and will be recommending him to anyone in my circle. Good guy with a really helpful attitude and goes the...
    • SonnyJim
  • Supporting Vendor Oregon Arms & Ammunition
    5.00 star(s)
    This is the closest gun close to my house and they have always been super nice. I have bought two guns off them and sold one of mine to them.
    • storminnorm44