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The unique skills and interests of Joe Kolnik and other members of his family, the events of 9/11, and the evolving tactical needs of law enforcement, led to their desire to design and build a product that will aid law enforcement while minimizing risk to the public.

The Burns 1401® round, the first product Integrity Ballistics is placing on the market, is a synthetic bullet projectile for 12-gauge shotguns. This product, a result of those early discussions by Joe and his family, is specifically designed for use by law enforcement when less lethal is needed or required.

The vision of Joe and his family, and nine years of privately funded R & D led to the creation of the Burns 1401® Round. The design of this round provides the flexibility to impact the suspect without causing significant harm, withstand the high shearing forces after exiting a shotgun barrel, and provide a greater less lethal tactical advantage for law enforcement.

Integrity Ballistics commitment to quality workmanship, superior technology, and optimal safety for law enforcement ensures that Less-Lethal will no longer be "Less than Effective".
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