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  1. Firearm Refinishing
  2. Custom Gun Builds
  3. Gunsmithing / Repair

About This Resource

HCTC Firearms, LLC. was founded in beautiful North Idaho in early 2012, after several years in the works. The skills and professionalism used when working on your guns has been developed over the last 20 years. Guns are not just a numbers game here, as they all are tools, and must function whatever the condition. HCTC is not a mass production plant, nor an assembly line. Each gun is specifically purpose built, specially for each customer. Any business can profess that their product is best, but we strive to explain why we offer something that is not available anywhere else. On occasion, I even try to demonstrate the "hows" and "whys" on the range. All parts and components used are top notch, top shelf, and top performing. These are not to be confused with the most expensive, or the fad products that come and go. Every item that is fit and installed in a gun that crosses the bench has been extensively tested, period! Every firearm that is built or repaired is guaranteed to exceed the expectations of its owner. You won't see a large store front, or expansive building, but you will get something we could all use a little more of….customer service. If we can't guarantee it, we wont touch it.
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