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About This Resource

Axis Manufacturing is a pretty small shop located near the Spokane County Fairgrounds. Small does not mean underwhelming here. This shop really is a manufacturer, making their own high quality AR uppers, lowers, and handguards. They are also a contract shop for other companies that shall go nameless. They also possess the proper license to sell NFA items. They also provide armorer services for Spokane PD, Spokane Co Sheriff's Office, and a few other agencies. They are also a Glock Blue Label Dealer.

I first ran into them at the gun shows that used to happen at the nearby fairgrounds. None of the too cool for you gun shop guy here. Genuinely friendly and informative guys that just want your business. And they got it. They have done 2 AR pistol builds for me so far. Both run beautifully with no issues of any sort. I didn't buy any parts from them at all but that was not a problem. I've been in shops that aren't so friendly in that situation, so this was refreshing. They actually complimented me on my parts picks. After the pistol builds, I bought an Aero lower at a great price. Gonna do a 458 SOCOM build with it. This time I will be using at least an Axis handguard. I also bought a Glock 43X on the Blue Label deal. This was in June and they had them on-hand! Pretty amazing considering the current climate. They also installed a set of sights on it that I bought somewhere else at no charge and on the spot. That's just good stuff.

If you are in the Spokane/CDA area, I can't recommend this shop highly enough. No disappointments, guaranteed!
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