Vintage Remington 30-06 ammo

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    For Sale are 2 boxes Remington Vintage Ammunition as follows:

    1. Remington Kleanbore 30-06 Springfield, 180grain soft point Core-Lokt. Remington product# 6430
    Crisp box in GREAT condition with very little wear, cardboard dividers, 1 round fired, factory ammunition, never reloaded, includes brass from fired round.
    2. Remington Hi-Speed, Kleanbore priming, 180 grain soft point , Core-Lokt, Index#6530
    Crisp box in GREAT condition with very little wear, Styrofoam dividers, full box factory ammunition never fired, never reloaded.

    I do not know what year these are, but my guess is somewhere in the late 50’s to mid 60’s.

    Here’s what I want. I want these to go to the collector that like this kind of stuff, I have small kids so displaying it is an exercise in futility. I would like 1 box new/factory 30-06 150-165gr. Ammo +$10 donation to the website or a 1oz. silver round + $10 donation to the website.

    Remington 6430
    Remington 6530