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I can't get it to let me post photos. The only way to do that at least for me right now is to get your email address and I can send them that way. I have a Simons 4X 22 mag scope for the Savage and the finish on the AR is not professional, just something the previous owner did himself. Comes with 2 30 round mags. Louie: louiejeep@gmail.com
are you available now to show the rifle soon? I am in E. Portland by I-84 and am about to leave work on my way home to Sandy. I can go home through Clackamas.
I'll take the .38 Special, .44 Mag and .30-06. I'm headed out the door at the moment can I connect later tonight or tomorrow to finalize arrangements?
Welcome back. :)
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Thank you...!
I set up on Thursday and me and 5 other guys then "hiked " into rendezvous , from about 5 miles out...we talked to a lot of folks along the way and did some "show and tell"....it was busy times for sure...but nice to put a positive "face" on guns and gun owners...
Andy, How does one give feedback to a member ? Ive done it but don't remember !
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Howdy pathfinder ,
Click on the forum member...
Click on "Ratings"...
Click on "Add Feedback"...big red bar at the upper right , when you click on "Ratings"....
Add your feed back...
Hi, Interested in your Nosler 30 model 48. Is it all stock such as the barrel and all except for the muzzle break and does it have a thread protector if you take the break off? What is your bottom dollar with cash money. Sorry for all the questions. Mike
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no worries Mike, happy to answer any questions, I pm'ed you my cell number and a few answers. feel free to call or text with any more questions.
If you are interested in the 300 weatherby mag. I can send you some better pics if you give me an # to text to. Not sure how to do not now that they have changed the website. Mike
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Thats a heck of a good deal. I still have 300wby dies too. However the guy that asked if its a crf, may need an update to that question. Upon zooming in on your picture, im about 99% sure it's CRF. It also probably says classic sporter on the barrel to confirm my suspicion. Thanks
I see you are writing a book. Have you been published before?
I would like to hunt your ranch. I have hunted golfers in North Dakota and had a wonderful time. How would one make contact with you for an invite.
Of course the 102 and the 103 were offered in a high quality polish. Yours appears buffed and polished more than any I have seen before. The only way you (or I) could be certain is to have a competent gunsmith examine it. That might be worth doing just to head off critique. Just my opinion, worth what you paid for it.
Good Luck.