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Thanks for responding to a time of your youth, everyone here will do what we can to preserve it!!! So what were you shooting back in those day's, black powder/flintlock? I'm guessing your my age L.O.L
I just started shooting last year. Started with a 22 I bought myself. Didn't get a chance to learn from my father or grandfather so I had to learn a lot myself. Then picked up a shotgun and started hunting, couldn't have done it without this site helping me. I'm 33, that's still youth right? Lol Oregon has always been my home so keeping it looking nice has always been a priority.
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Thanks for reaching out.

Just determined I can't attached images from my computer in a PM - weird. So, I'm going to go back to the ad thread and respond to you with pics of some holster options.

Sorry to bounce you back to the ad.
Carbines are a fun little jackrabbit remover. Back in the day, a speer 1/2 jacket & 14gr of 2400 really did the job.:eek:
With the bolt, "jeweled" , barrel polished and the extractor, ejector, safety, and mag release brass plated, they're
really cute. Fagen even used to sell a full length, "Mannlicher" stock for them.:)
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Thanks for the note. A Mannlicher style stock would be a delight. The carbine I have coming in is a Spanish Destroyer carbine in 9㎜ Largo. Is the stock available for those or do you mean the USGI M1 Carbine? :)
Are you the original owner? yes
Rounds count?300
Any known issues?none
What type barrel, 5.56 / Wylde / Twist 1:7 1:8 1:9? wylde/1:8
Did you shoot service rifle...what rounds shot best? it shoots ever thing great
Did you shoot subMOA? yes
Thanks for your time, Mike
Hello, interested in your RRA NM. Can you tell me a bit of it’s background?

Are you the original owner?
Rounds count?
Any known issues?
What type barrel, 5.56 / Wylde / Twist 1:7 1:8 1:9?
Did you shoot service rifle...what rounds shot best?
Did you shoot subMOA?
Thanks for your time, Mike
yes, 300,none, wylde,1:8, no,yes,
Interested in 30-30 bfr. greater Portland area Oregon resident. How does this work? Washington -> Oregon pistol transfers complicated. ?
Hi, JSpring123:

I am near Grants Pass, and was interested in your 1000rd 9mm Federal Black Pack.
But looks like I can buy American Eagle for $195.
Can you shave 10% off, and I'll buy a box or two with no need for you to ship?
Thanks...Lyle 541-613-0020