WTS WA ZT0560 Blackwash + ZT0566 Combo Pack $325 shipped!!!

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    Greetings all,

    Well, cleaning out a couple basically safe queens. As per usual, I'll let the picture do most of the talking (additional photos available upon request). Except as noted below, both ZT's are basically 'as new' and come with boxes and paperwork. I presume most folks are experienced with all the spec's on these by now. If not, practice your Google-fu.

    *First up, a very nice ZT 0560 Blackwash. Lockup is about 30%. Very smooth, very sharp, believe it is the factory edge. Blade is just a little off center, but doesn't touch the sides. Looks like they may have left the stone washer on just a moment too long as there is one hairline that stands out a little more than the others if you look close.

    **Next up is a very nice ZT0566 (these are assisted openers, and the little brother to the 0560). Lockup is about 65%. Also very smooth, very sharp, believe its the factory edge. Nice solid action. Blade is also a smidge off-center, no contact with the sides. There is a very small amount of fair rubbing to the clip, but again, hard to see.

    You got the chance at the instant EDC combo pack. Full size for when you need it, compact for when a little more size efficiency is better.

    I'm gonna start this package off at $325 shipped, USPS priority mail w/ tracking # and insurance. USA only, USPS money order(s) only.

    And per as per usual, I'd offer a 24 hr. non-use/no-modification/alteration inspection period. thumbsup.gif

    Mostly looking for a cash sale on this one, but might consider taking a LionSteel SR1a or 2a or perhaps a satin Emerson CQC8 as partial trade. Otherwise, feel free to make reasonable offers...the worst I can do is say no thanks.

    Some cash might have to trade hands, depending on what's put on the table.

    Any trade offer must be in excellent++/LNIB condition. **If you've done any home mods, I'm probably not interested.**

    Requirement: Any traded knife mailed to me must be PROPERLY packaged. That means a proper-sized BOX, bubble wrap, and packing materials. I'm getting tired of receiving knives with what appears to be a grand total of about 15 seconds of packing effort

    If you don't have anything I'm looking for in trade and/or are interested in purchasing and/or have a counter-offer, please do NOT ask me what I'll take for it--email/pm me an offer. Do your research...Low-ballers will be ignored. thumbsdown.gif

    Please do not waste my time. If you say 'Deal,' I expect you to honor your commitment. Have your financials in order before making offers!!!!.

    The usuals: USA only, must be 21 years old, USPS Money Order only. I reserve the right to withdraw at any time, reject any/all offers, with or without selling/trading, trade/sell to who I want with or without explanation, etc etc etc.

    May be listed elsewhere as well.

    Email or PM with any questions.

    Thanks for looking.

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