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zombie apocalypse... maybe not

Discussion in 'Preparedness & Survival' started by Edgewalker, May 31, 2012.

  1. Edgewalker

    Edgewalker Salem Member

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    I've heard the term "zombie apocalypse" used so much lately that it's starting to rub me raw. I even heard a local gun shop using it in their radio spots. I know it's all a little tongue-in-cheek and does make great movies but my finding this article was perfectly timed and I got some laughs as well.

    7 Scientific Reasons a Zombie Outbreak Would Fail (Quickly) | Cracked.com
  2. Decker

    Decker My house Active Member

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    Nice find. And, I agree... A bit bored with the zombie talk too.
  3. biker bo

    biker bo Myrtle Creek Active Member

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    I don't think there's to many people here that believe Hollywood type Zombies are a real possibility.
    The term Zombie Apocalypse as I've heard it used for a real life situation refers to the hordes of starving people who did not prepare and have now turned to canibiles.

    This has happened. In the seage of Stailngrad there were groups of canibiles who roamed the streets looking for unattended children the elderly or people walking alone. It was reported that " tins of strange meat " were being sold and no one ask where it came from.

    I think this term is as good as any to describe this possibility but if you can come up with another I will stop using it.
  4. chizuck

    chizuck central Wa. Member

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    Agreed, I use it in description of the brain dead masses that will come after me and mine because we will have what we need.
  5. unionguy

    unionguy Portland Active Member

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    Great article! But, they are still fun movies to watch. And, Walking Dead is excellent!