Yugoslavian M70 AK47 Underfolder with updgrades $750.00

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by supersixone, Aug 5, 2012.

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    I have a very clean and hardly used Yugo AK47 with upgraded Hogue Grip, Tapco G2 trigger, and UTG Quad Rail and Birdcage Flash Hider.

    I have only shot about 200 rounds through it. I had a red dot on it and it was extremely accurate.

    This is a rare AK, they are not making or distributing them anymore. It is made to a higher quality standard, you will see every inch of this rifle is machined cleaner, fit and finish is hands above a Romanian. The receiver is thicker than a normal AK and the barrel is too, so that it could be used to shoot grenades. There is a grenade sight on the gas tube as you can see. It also has an extra flip up sight in both the front and rear iron sights that could be set up with night sights.

    The bolt and carrier/charging handle rod is stainless steel. The machining is so fine, that you can rack the action with just your pinky.

    Im asking 750.00$ Check your local gun store, regular AK 47s are really hard to find now, everyone is buying up assault rifles before the election potential gun ban days ahead of us. By Christmas this one will be selling for around 900$ The price on 556 ammo is going to continue to go up, but good old Russian 762x39 will continue to be available for much less and greater firepower. This is a gun you roll in the mud and will shoot perfectly every time.

    I have had several AKs and this one is the finest I have seen. There are no more Yugo's being made, so get a great piece for your collection, that is rare and going to increase in value.

    Comes with steel magazine, and original polymer fore-end pieces. {Tapco polymer mags work great too.}
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