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Had this for some years and not shot it much (sounds familiar?) About 1k rounds or so. Looks and functionally perfect, like new. As you see it got the Magpul 'Zhukov' foldable stock and forgrip, but you'll get the original wood with if you wanna swap back. The front sling hoop had to be removed for the grip to fit (since nobody makes anything fitting the 'Yugo' rifles)
*Houge grip (OE will go with).
*Primary Arms SLx Advanced red dot on a Russian mount (don't remember exact model of sight it was (it broke, but kept mount) but it's one of the lowest available since Yugo's have a different rail.)
*Magpul 30 and 20 round, a couple of Tapco and OG steel magazine goes with too.
Basically what's in the pix is what you get!

Including 1560 rounds of 'Red Army Standard' 7.62x39 ammunition.
The one in the red boxes (720 rounds total) was made in Russia and is sealed as you can see, chronographd @ 2330 fps, and the white boxed (840 rounds) was made in Romania and gets 2350 fps. (Ammo can NOT included.)
Ammo will be sold separately IF buyer of rifle doesn't want it!

$2k for it all!
Transfer at any Tacoma FFL on buyer.
(Or $1200 for rifle and $800 for Ammo if to be split as mentioned above.)

Trade you say?
Would consider a SIG P365 XL with the Romeo1 model (and useful accessories) in new/excellent condition, PLUS cash for the difference.

20210827_173837.jpg 20210827_173756.jpg 20210816_145015.jpg 20210816_144945.jpg 20210816_144942.jpg 20210816_144706.jpg
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