WTS OR Yugo M92 Krink (AK47)

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by james83, Mar 10, 2014.

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    Yugo M92 Krink (AK47)
    Semi-auto rifle 7.62x39mm built from a 2003 virgin parts kit on a nodak spud receiver.
    Has a Faux surpressor permanently pinned in place to make the barrel legal length.

    Round count is about 600 with no issues, I actually sold this rifle a while back to another forum member and asked if he ever wanted to sell it again to contact me first, well he did want to sell it to buy a belt fed build so I bought it back and have had it in my possession for about two months.

    I love this rifle but I have a couple of other ak's and I just bought a new revolver so im looking to free up some cash.

    Cash price is $750 OBO for the rifle and I will include a case and two steel (Bulgarian) surplus mags.

    I would prefare to sell this one as I could use the cash.... but im a sucker for trades so feel free to make a trade offer, we can +/- cash too make a trade equal

    trades that would interest me are -

    quality 9mm pistols Glock/Beretta/browning/Walther ect
    Ak74 5.45 rifles
    Smith and Wesson revolvers in .357 or .44 magnum

    Or feel free to make an offer

    Cash price is $750 OBO and im located in Beaverton Oregon

    (I do not want to ship the rifle out of state and feel free to PM me any questions)
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