YUGO AK 47 Underfold 640 rnds ammo

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by slind, Mar 2, 2013.

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  1. slind

    Seattle, WA

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    Seattle FTF can travel if trade is good. wash d.l. & CPL preferred

    this is one of the better parts yugo ak47. less than 200 rounds through it and clean. action is very nice. everyone says its a keeper. sited in at 50 yards and hits on 100 at 6 inch target. has no dots for night sites but the flip up site is on it and has grenade sites and is a smooth shooter for an ak. this is a century arms and DC parts as well as saint paul Minnesota. M70AB2 7.62 by 39.

    I am looking at around $ 1000.00 in trade items or 950$ CASH

    it has 640 rounds of the ammo you see and the herters is hollow point 122 gr. and the military wolf classic is 124 gr. fmj ammo alone is worth 2 to 3 hundred depending on availability. and try and by some now with the shortage... good luck

    willing to trade for SIG, 226 or 229 , 239 or 938 would like a 9mm but will consider any caliber if it looks worth it. must have some extras with it or ammo.

    i have been offered 850$ and turned it down so please do not low ball this is not at inflated prices on trade. just try and get this without ammo and its not much higher in price.

    It has 2 ak mags yugo. metal 30 rounders

    if the trade is better on your end i can add other 5.56 ammo and pmags new in package and or some cash. but mostly interested in trades.

    I will take a 357 sig barrel for my glock 22 and or some 357 sig ammo with a trade.

    i will only consider a nice sig for trade or something comparable.

    if i have to take a m & p shield or kahr pm 9 or ruger sr9 compact i would want many extras or a nice home defense shotgun to make the price equal to what is listed at. or ammo to compensate the difference. what is 640 rounds worth these days?...

    a nice pocket pistol with anything 9 or larger is what i am looking for but would be willing to consider a upgraded cz 9mm with extras. especially a trigger job on it if i was to settle for a full size. honestly the only full size i would want is in a sig.

    p.m. me and let me see what you have and we can talk?....

    I am willing to trade if it meets any of these above if the extras are worth it.

    this is better than most yugo aks from what i have been told on the range. very clean.
  2. smok

    Western Washington
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    I'll take it
  3. letrain

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    is it sold yet? if not i'm interested.
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