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    If this looks like an emacs org-mode outline, there's a reason for that. If it's too cryptic/terse, maybe I can answer questions. All in all, it was an hour well spent; there is a lot of material available in the app that I didn't spot with a quick look-see.

    * TigardMaps presentation, 10mar10 at the Tigard Library
    ** Ties together city, county and metro databases
    ** Uses SW from ESRI, presentation via Map Optics
    ** Similar sites in the area
    *** Tigard www.tigardMaps.com
    *** Portland www.portlandmaps.com
    *** Hillsboro hbmaps.ci.hillsboro.or.us/hillsboro
    *** Sherwood www.maps.ci.sherwood.or.us/multimap/index.cfm
    *** Beaverton www.beavertonoregon.gov/departments/gis/gis_maps.aspx
    *** Or go to your city's site and search for 'maps' or 'gis'
    (Gis: Geographic Information System)
    *** Tigard's data updated daily, WashCo updates weekly
    ** Lots of discoverable material on the site
    *** Start from an address (or partial address) or intersection
    *** Searches can take several seconds
    It's drilling through lots of data files to pull together the reports
    *** Particularly useful if considering say, moving to an area
    *** Much detail on specific houses (tax lots)
    House/Lot dimensions, price paid, zoning, school dist, permits taken
    out. Home owner info is hidden for privacy, tho' if you follow the
    links to the county site, for instance, you may find they're not
    suppressing that info. While trying to be 'transparent,' each
    jurisdiction has its own policies on what they present and what
    they hold back
    *** City/county infrastructure
    Maps detail bridges, traffic lights, street lights, etc
    Planning bug-out routes?
    *** Utility Work-orders
    *** Crime detail not tied to specific locations to protect privacy
    Crimes are tabulated within a 1/2 mile radius of a given location
    and are further broken down by type. A second presentation shows
    crime 'cluster's. Crime data is the rolling previous 12 months of
    *** 'Hazards' are shown for a property/area.
    Hazards include seismic, flood plain, wildfire, etc.
    *** Aerial photos
    Not just Google satellite views, Metro hires aircraft photo surveys
    every year
    Tigard's page has some aerial photos from 1940. Way cool
    *** Sewer lines are mapped but fresh water is not
    The authorities are tighter with this data, presumably due to Homeland
    Security sorts of issues

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    I have known about portlandmaps for a while, pretty usefull. Before i bought my house I could look up what the property had sold for and what the property taxes have been, and all the neighbors too. Its all public info.

    Another cool thing (dosnt work here in troutdale though) is the crime stats, you can look up any sex offenders in your area, and see all the crime rates, and ethnicity charts.

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