Your Thoughts re: 2010 US Census?

The 2010 Census-taker stopped by my house yesterday to confirm the address and enter my coodinates in his handheld GPS machine. No questions asked other than if this was my address.

We received one of the "long forms" for the 2000 Census and refused to fill it out. We felt it far too intrusive. We received one of the "interim" forms a few years ago and we again refused to fill it out. In both cases, they gave up after we refused a few times.

I understand that the 2010 forms will all be "short forms", supposedly relatively free of the social engineering questions included in the old "long form".

How do you folks feel about the upcoming Census and the Census process in general? Do you think the process has been expanded well beyond its original intent - or not? Does it constitute a privacy threat, or is it a valid process to gather critical information really needed by the government to provide funds for our local benefit and congressional representation?
Well the sociologists can't pass up an opportunity to glean data from which they make their living on. Constitutionally, all that is required is an enumeration. It should actually be easier now because we don't have to do that 2/3 thing for slaves...:)
Had a census taker show up at the door today,my dog didn't like him and let him know :D
He only asked 1 question"anyone else other than your family live at this residence with you",me,nope,him thank you...and he was out of here .
It looked like he had a PDA of some sort that he entered the info on,whole thing took about 15-20 seconds.


Be of good cheer. The double dealing clowns of ACORN are helping doing the count.
During the last election cycle ACORN was found to have gathered over 50% fraudulent
registrations. Hurray for community organizers !
I used to do census work for a local city. I had a woman threaten to sick her dog on me, but I was too stupid to realize it & just kept talking at her. We kept going back to this one house over-and-over again trying to get the people inside to give us their information - turns out they were wanted by the FBI (according to the neighbors). Good times...

We'd tell the interns who did that work after me: "if you hear banjos, just start running!". We got a laugh out of it, but I don't think they found it very humorous.


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Cerberus Training Group - Skill Builder - Pistol/Rifle Combo
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