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So, we have, eh-hem, a bit of .223 Remington / 5.56x45㎜ NATO stockpiled. However, I am planning on doing a ton of practice on the primary, defensive, carbine in the coming months, and will have to replenish said as I blast through it. I have a number of sources, and use Ammo Seek on most ammo orders, but I thought I'd toss it out there for discussion. Thanks all. :)


Targetsports. Very good prices, free shipping on cases and they don't inflate the prices to cover it.
I just read today's email. They have Federal 420rd. cans of 62gr. green tip on stripper clips for $139. including shipping.
That’s an outstanding price!

*Caution* looking at the reviews, mayhaps there is a bad lot or few floating around. Bad primers/blowing primers.


Have run a few 1000 IMI in the past without issue.

-so don’t stock up on a ton without trying some from each lot is all I’m saying.
As above, but also worthwhile to keep an eye on Cabelas from time to time, and even BiMart.

Before you buy anything from Cabelas, go to they sell gift certificates for around 14% off face value, add that savings to a sale price and get an even better deal.
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