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    OFF is giving away a 9mm S&W shield. Entry is by signing a postcard to send to the people who represent you in the state legislature. Here's the link to the drawing with addresses of the gun shops sponsoring the giveaway: If you look at the bottom of the page, it says to send them the name of your local shop and they will contact them and see if they will participate.

    But more important, find out who represents you, and how to contact them. Here's the link to the state legislator look up page:

    There's more info on this OFF page:

    We all need to be beating the drum and staying active. Get these addresses into you email software and start writing. It's just as important to contact the anti rights crowd. They need to know how you feel.
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    Check out the events page here on the 2nd Amendment Action Center's facebook page. Town hall in your area? Please try to attend. Know of a town hall, but don't see it interested? Let the facebook page admin know, and I'm sure he will add it.

    Oh, and like the page please, if you have a facebook account. It is a small organization group right now, but it is growing to help serve as a grassroots activists group for Oregon.
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