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My favorites
Marlin 1895 45-70
Marlin 336 30-30
Winchester model 94 30-30
Remington 760 gamemaster pump 30-06
Out of the 4 my most favorite is the Winchester model 94, my first hunting rifle ,circa 1976-77. Dad bought it for me brand new out of the white elephant in Spokane for 79.99. I went from a bb gun to a 30-30.

20200810_192244.jpg Marlin336.jpg Win2.jpg Rem760.jpg
Last Edited:
I just ordered
a 308 Spanish Mauser in Monte Carlo stock with optic mount and timney trigger.

View attachment 826657

Reminds me of a worn, though not abused, 1943 vintage La Coruña Mauser in 7.92×57㎜ I owned and carried afield back in the day. I had to part with it in early adulthood due to bad situation. Long since moved on, of course, and firearms shenanigans has been all over the board since, but still sticks in my memory. :s0155:


Interesting post, Gent.
My brother and I were talking about divvying up the guns the other day.
I think out of the entire collection, all I want is my shotgun, the 16 gauge that belonged to Dad's father and Dad's '98 Mauser.
My brother says he's happy to take the rest.
A couple more. I grew up with wood stocked guns and transitioned to polymer (Hogue, particularly) for a few reasons, but they NEVER have the proper look that wood does.
Here's a couple more. The first one is in a new wood stock after spending all of it's days previously in a factory "boat paddle" or a Hogue.
Fireforming cases.jpg
Then this little thing. The only problem is it's so nice I'm afraid to bang it around.
sighting in.jpg


my first buck was shot with 1894 winchester 25 35 will be 60 years ago this november. i had 7 brothers so my next rifle was savage 219 30 30 with 20guage barrel, no game shot with that one. next a semi sporterized 03a3, 2 deer shot with that. first rifle i bought with my own $$ was remington 700 in 25 06 in 1971. many deer elk and pronghorn with that one i currently have 5 model 1894 winchesters i would hunt with any of those.
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