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AK94. I really like the initial 2 rd hyper burst mode.

What year were you 19?
2003. Fixed up my car after hitting a deer and had $400 left over from the insurance check, so I headed straight to the beloved Greene's Guns and Ammo. What happy days.

Mosins could be had for $90 in those days too. Wish I had bought a few cases to sit on with what they're going for these days.
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Well, now that ISIS/whoever is in that desert has a bunch of M4s, they count.

But with a classic answer, I really like AK type rifles. They look great and generally seem to run but I just plain hate that they use corrosive ammo. Even the stuff labeled as non corrosive seems to be full of lies. So I don't own any. Sold off the last of em but I wouldn't mind owning one again as long as it's in 5.56. They have a mechanical feel to them when shooting not replicated by any other rifles. Unfortunately, I'm not willing to spend the way overinflated prices for a quality item.
Totally agree about AKs being overinflated price wise. 2014ish? bought a new Zastava for $450 on sale, now those are crazy high. Why?

Having said that, I did buy a polish 5.56 AK recently. Have not shot it yet but price was just under $700. Apparently they now use forged trunions which was a problem with the earlier models (cast trunions).
I found some background on the gun (hellpup) and brand (pioneer arms) this morning:

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