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The big trend is to submit your DNA only to disappointedly find out you are not related to anybody of great importance, but...

LE surreptitiously spoof the company, send in cold crime scene DNA to discover your DNA is a close [relatively, pun attended] match to your great uncle who happens to have raped, kidnapped, murdered, etc. one or several children or women or men.

The fine print leads you to believe your submitted DNA sample can only be accessed by by outsiders under judicial order...nope!

LE’s routinely submit cold case ‘DNA evidence’ under fake names to those sites where they hope to find relatives, and then reap the listings and then scour the listings and then if they find your DNA shows great uncle, LE’s initiate surveillance and then collect a surreptitious DNA sample from great uncle’s coke can out of a trash bin and guess who gets arrested.

Did anybody hear me mention anything from the courts allowing the LE surveillance or allowing the LEs to do the initial testing, shade of violations of an individual’s 4th amendment rights.
I have never understood why people give a crap about their heritage. You think you will win the lottery, or have a rich uncle leave you a cool million. It never surprises me how stupid people are.

Lets see, you are worried cause Facebook might use your surfing info to sell you adult diapers, and Google has stores your late night visits to adult sites. But say hey lets send my DNA what could go wrong.

I come from both sides of family American Indian, I don't care.
I also have German and Welsh, also don't care.

Indians are not handing over any casino cash so they can kiss my arse, and well the UK fellows can bite me.
And well German....well like it needs saying. When I wake up, and sleep its my moral fortitude I sleep comfortable
with that, knowing my ancestors roamed the prairie, drove German tanks, or fought for freedom in the UK means very little.
Cover my 6, buy me a beer, and live with honor I will respect that allot more then where your past DNA spilled on this planet.
I wanted to do this for a while. Maybe because my family sucked so bad I was hoping I would find someone in my family tree that was cool before the trend of being a POS took over.

But after seeing all the govt/LEOs get ahold of your DNA I decided that was a bad idea.

Being on the side of the political spectrum I am, I figure it’s only a matter of time before they stoop to any level possible to hang you.
I have never understood why people give a crap about their heritage.
Probably the exception, not the rule: a friend of mine was adopted at birth. Now at the ripe old age of 53, having some unaccountable health issues and hoping to find a genetic clue to the problems. It may not help my friend, but it could prove valuable the progeny.
All it takes is one member of the family to "play". My niece did it. I didn't bother to explain why I thought it was a stupid idea. She voted for Hitlery...


I didn't submit any DNA TO ANYONE.
I don't need to find any more family.
Or friends.
Lol kinda why I don't do Facebook.
If you don't have my phone number or know where I live.
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