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Your Best 'Showman Shooter', Offhand, Shot you Ever Made!

We all have had at least one - or maybe more - of crazy, offhand shots that were planned and were successful beyond belief of even yourself - and others if watching.

Let's hear about them and I'll start with one of mine.

Several years ago I was attending an annual, company 'Mens Only' campout on the desert for the typical reasons - target shooting, trapshooting and drinking and while doing some offhand shooting with my 1863 Springfield 'Zouave' .58 I was doing pretty good and several of the members were fairly impressed at a muzzleloaders accuracy.

So a friend said 'I want to see you splatter an egg off that fencepost out there' The fencepost was a typical 'T' post someone had pounded into the ground a long time ago and was about 65 yards off.

Friend walks out and sets an egg on the top and when he gets back I make a bold statement and say 'I'll not only shoot the egg but will hit the top of the fencepost below the egg'

Ok, I questioned my own 'cockyness' but loaded carefully, settled into a kneeling position, and sighted in , took a deep breath, and fired.

The egg splattered to everyone's enjoyment and my friend walked out to the fencepost, looked closely at it and walked back and when in camp looked at me and said 'I will never question your shooting abilities'.

I walked out to the fencepost and saw a fresh deposit of lead on the top on it.....


1000 yards with a Glock 19. Confirmed hit via spotting scope.

Took a few mags to do however. Hold over was pretty stupid to anyone looking at me at the time of shooting.

Another fun one.

Did that bucket trick shot once. Probably will never be able to pull off again. Was after watching it done on Topshot. One paint bucket full of water with no lid on the bottom. Another empty on top. Shot the one with water and actually hit the one flying i the air on the first try. Tried again but couldn’t do it if I was a pro. Hell of a shot.


I was hunting the wilderness/alpine modern deer season and we hadn’t seen squat, no matter how high up or how far we got from people. We were fixing to come home completely empty handed between the three of us. On the way down, we saw a grouse hop up on a log. It was a good 50 yards away. One guy says I ain’t got a hair on my azz if I don’t shoot that grouse. I only had a 270 (yeah, I know). I say I don’t want to destroy the bird. He starts questioning my man hood. I swing my slung rifle in some sort of palace guard maneuver, acquire the bird’s head in a quick flash in the scope while pulling the trigger, not expecting to do anything but make noise. I lost the bird in recoil and didn't see that I had sent a 140gr bullet through the neck, right under the beak. I asked the dude if he was happy and he says that’s the most amazing shot he’d ever seen. I was like, “huh?”

Best grouse I ever ate!
Love it ! Keep 'em coming!

Another but not by me, but by my cousin. To begin with I do NOT advocate anyone trying this due to the 'backstop' issue but we were just dumb teens at the time and way out on the CA desert at the time but this is no excuse...

My cousin could shoot trap with his Browning BL22. He would call 'pull' and we would let fly with a hand thrower and he could do it like 8 out of ten shots.


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Grandpa, dad, uncle and I were out sighting in rifles for big game. We always made an outing out of it taking along pistols and 22's.

We were shooting grandpa's colt woodsman and I was the last one up. Everyone had shot some good groups. Being a teenager and thinking I am the best shot ever I told them to watch that tack. Bang... First shot that tack was gone. Every one said pure luck and I should try it again.

Might have been a teenager but smart enough to stop there. That was some 35 years ago but remember that so well.
GUN >>> Ruger Blackhawk 4+inch short barrel, chambered in Colt 45, in a drop leg cowboy holster, loaded with CorBon +P+ 's pushing 454 pressure.

SETTING >>> I was handgun hunting ( destroying ) ground squirrels in a so Cal giant granite boulder patch canyon, I was sliently creeping along, the leather strap unsnapped from my gun like a fantasy Doc Holliday vs Jonny the squirrel Ringo

SHOT >>> a ground squirrel popped up on its hind legs suddenly right in front of me about 15 yards away at chest height, I did a "quick draw" as I simultaneously ducked a bit just like the black and white western and did a 1 shot " hammer fan" and blew its head off while the body still stood up for a fraction before slumping lol


Going way, way, back 30+ years. I don't remember how old I was....maybe 11 or 12? Daisy Red Ryder BB gun. There was a crow at the top of a Poplar tree maybe 30 feet off the ground. I was across our yard maybe 75 feet away. I told my dad I could hit the crow. Took aim and fired. The Crow tipped over, hung upside down on the branch for a few seconds, then fell. I ran over, scooped it up, and was taking it back to my dad, when it kind of came back around. I set it down and a few minutes later it flew off. It made sense since I could usually see the BB leaving that gun sometimes....I think it was max like 300fps. I thought there was no way that I could hit it, let alone kill it. I was amazed that I hit it. My best shot so far! One of my best memories!! :)


I got a couple. Was deer hunting with a buddy and two of my kids seen a grouse along side of the road all I had was a 300 win mag. My buddy said I was going to destroy it. Got out of the truck and it flew into a tree so I aim for the the head and let one go and all I se in the scope was feathers exploding. I thought crap my buddy said it fell straight down so I go find it and the only thing I could find was a perfectly cleaned breast not one tear in it. Lol
Second one was a buddy when we were around 21yrs old we were camping at Girl Scout lake out of Washougal and there was a old dock and after it got dark we decide to go bat hunting on the dock with a 12ga. We were shooting at the bats when my buddy says hey I bet you I can hit the metal pole sticking out of the lake about 50’ away with the .38 spec. I said no way it was completely dark it was about A 4” dia. Pole you could barely see it he whips it out and bang hits it first shot. I said that was luck he emptied it all 6 shoots nailed it. That gun was a tack driver.



Once upon a time when I was a much younger broad, I was going with a guy, Bob, who I met when selling some guns through a gun ad in the newspaper. He went to lots of gun shows, so I started going with him and helping with his booth. At one point when we were booth tending, he commented that many who were really into guns and went to these shows, had booths, etc., couldnt shoot worth damn. He asked, not in an offensive way, just asking, how well I could do with the Ruger Security 6 snubby .357 mag revolver that was my EDC in those days. (He had never seen me shoot.)

I responded: "From an offhand position, shooting single action, I can keep everything on a 9" paper plate at 40 yards." In actuality I was being modest. My 6-shot group sizes for SA at 40 yards were usually 4 - 5 inches, and centered nicely on the plate. (40 yards was the longest distance I had in the place in the woods where I usually practiced. I'd measured it.)

Bob didn't believe me. !!!!! Seriously p!ssed off Young Broad. In fact, he said it wasn't possible for anyone to do that with a snubby revolver. (This was in the era before YouTube videos, and many people, even many experienced shooters, would have agreed with Bob.) I pointed out that my gun wasn't a small-frame gun with inadequate sights, like most snubbies, and admitted that I cant shoot J-frame Smiths or other small-frame guns very well either. But my snubby was a full size gun with full-size adjustable sights. It just had a short barrel. I had even changed the springs so I had a lighter better SA. And with this snubby I could do exactly what I said.

Bob vehemently maintained that I could not do what I said. And he said I must not know what 40 yards looked like, and started asking me to evaluate various things at various distances. All beside the point since I had fu<king measured the course with a tape measure, not estimated. Thoroughly angry Young Broad just shrugged and said her favorite practice spot was just about an hour and a half away. Suggested after the show we go there. Bob agreed. So we did.

I carried paper plates in my pack routinely, and set one up. (I did a lot of hiking in those days, and shooting was always part of the point.) We went to my 40 yard position. Bob agreed it looked like 40 yards. I took up my position. I was so angry I was shaking with rage. But, fact is, if I'm riled or the chips are down, I usually think faster and perform better physically and mentally. And I was very riled. I put all 6 rounds in a perfectly centered group that was just slightly above 3 inches. Best offhand group I ever fired with a snubby revolver at that distance, before or since.

Bob, of course, wanted to try. So we set up another paper plate. He shot off a cylinder without hitting the paper plate. Then my teaching drive took over. And I taught Bob my Secret Trick. The next cylinder he got one hit on the paper plate. The third cylinder he got four hits on the plate. And after that he continued getting mostly hits. He was elated. (And he was graceful enough to croon, in the car on the way back, "My baby can shoot.")

Anyone want to know my Secret Trick?


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A friend and his son accompanied me to the range one day. I had set a pop can on the 100 yard berm.
I had a S&W model 66 with a 4 inch barrel loaded with 357 mag. If you hit a pop can low it flies in the air pretty high.
Now this Model 66 shot pretty good I figured it would take a couple cylinders full to hit the can or get close.
Shooting standing I nailed the can first shot! :eek: Flew in the air! Put the revolver away can't do that again.:cool:


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If I am lying, I am diein........ About 35 years ago I was deer hunting in the tollgate area and my buddy said he had been seeing bear sign so I should buy a bear tag.

Opening morning we jump a 300 pound black bear And chase him through a brushy canyon but never was presented a shot. After a while I sit on the top of the ridge while my buddy continues to put on the chase.

Low and behold the bear comes busting back across the opposite hillside across the canyon from me and I knew with my 243 Ruger model 77 I would need to put a good kill shot into him. He was 175-200 yards across from me and running so I lead out in front of his head and squeeze the trigger.

He buckled and rolled over and over in to the bottom of the canyon. Bullet went into his ear hole with one shot.

not going to mention the four-point buck I emptied my 25-06 On this last fall running at the same distance and never touched him.



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We have "candle shoots " at the rendezvous I go to...
Those are always fun...snuff the flame , but not hit the candle.

Shooting the heads off of wild flowers with a iron sighted .22 rifle. or muzzleloader...

But I think my favorite "showman shot"...
Was the time I shooting with my buddy Dave...
He asked me to hit a piece of fluttering engineer's tape which was tied to a tree.
( We did have a good back stop )
Up goes my Hawken and I roundball cuts cleanly through the tape...range was 90 yards...and a windy day to boot.


Shooting the heads off of wild flowers with a iron sighted .22 rifle. or muzzleloader...
My grandson and I like to shoot the little flowers off of the stems with our Red Ryder.

Back when I was about 14 or 15 I was tromping around our woods. I had Grandpa's Marlin 81DL (22LR) with the itty-bitty Weaver offering a small field of view.
From the ground about 10 yards in front of me a Flicker popped up and flew away. I brought the Marlin up and fired at the white spot. He dropped like a rock. I was stunned.


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