Your 2A Supporting Cop Buddy Will Take Your Guns-Article

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    Thank you for this - it goes straight to the heart of the matter - an out of control 'criminal justice' system. In the story, the author describes a counter-cultural Christian homeschooling family as victims. We could also come up with some other scenarios.
    How about the 18 year old Black kid, raising his siblings in a home where Mom works two jobs and Dad has already been rounded up in an earlier 'drug war' assault? He sells dope to get food, he's 18 and dumb enough to have a gun stashed somewhere for very real security concerns. Busted - he's sold pot and is in possession of an' illegal firearm'. A real
    'bad guy' gang banger who is about to be housed at taxpayer expense for years, then paroled into a society which legally discriminates against ex- felons in every way possible, from housing to employment. I guesss this is going to be the basis of my written testimony to the Or Sen Judiciary Committee on the proposed 'gun violence' legislation.
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    No problem, Mike. Yeah, I agree-----it goes back to that famous quote "first they came for the (insert minority here)" doesn't it? Whether it's Christians, gays, blacks, white Constitutionalists or whatever the compartmentalized system of methodical oppression does its work. It even uses members of those minority groups to undermine their own cultures.

    Yeah, Chariot that's kind of the icing on the cake isn't it? I didn't see he was DEA till the very end. Kinda drives it home.
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