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You want milk with those flakes?


Ok, is it me or does the caliber of folks on Armslist equal that of the clientele on Craigslist?
I've sold numerous firearms on Armslist but it would seem, for the most part, many are flakes. They text you and ask a plethora of questions about your listing then, they're being hunted by the KGB.
Or they set a time & date to look at the weapon then flake out. Maybe it's a generational thing, I don't know.
If you change your mind, I get that. Just be courteous enough to say something. :mad:
Anyone else experience this?:confused:


There are a couple of reasons this happens.
  • No accountability
    • These people do not have any duty to inform of changed decisions, no reason not to back out of a deal instead of a no-show. These people are not ones that have a good rating on this website.
  • No account needed
    • This creates the ability for anyone with a throw away email address to send a message directly to your inbox.
    • Since Armslist does not use an email forwarder, they also can scavenge your email address by your response. it is advised on Armslist to use a throwaway email address. One that you use just for Armslist (armslistflakers@gmail/yahoo/
  • New people turn 18/21 every day
    • This creates a good influx of new people who have no clue how to adult because they were never raised right.
    • Days of lists in the local paper or on the cork board outside of the local market is gone.
  • Global Website
    • the problems this creates is seen above in the points, it also puts your ad on every street corner, smart phone, computer etc. for any scammer or prohibited individual.
The above is a good reason to keep support up for a quality site like Northwest Firearms. The moderators and members on here keep one another in check. Duplicate accounts are not tolerated and your feedback clearly shows your reliability.

Feedback based classifieds are the Bentley of the internet sale ads. That truly is what makes this place so unique.
We use Armslist and yes, more often then not when someone contacts us it is a scammer or a tire kicker who has no intention of buying. Last year I had a real Remington 700 M24 SWS posted and I found my add posted in other places with the same pictures from the inside of my shop and some scammer was trying to sell my gun as his own.


What’s worse is when they don’t get their way. Join NWFA to try and get you to think it is someone else, still lowball the crap out of you.
I reserve the right to be a flake.
Others the right to be a snowflake.

The truth is most are somewhere in-between. But moving to both ends on occasion.


I can honestly say I've never left someone in the void of rudeness. If I say I'm going to do something, I've been taught that my word is my handshake. Come hell or high-water I'll do my level best to be respectful of others as I would expect in return.
I have canceled deals with people who disrespect me by failure to communicate in a timely fashion.
My time is just as valuable as yours.
I sell more on Armslist than here. Lots of flakes on here as well. they arenjust part of doing business. Just block them and continue on.


I would except I many miles from most folks on here...hence, nothing has sold on here, ever.:confused:
I feel that pain. I live in Wenatchee but simply can not sell a gun locally except for one time I scored a "run til sold" ad for cheap in the local libtard rag of a newspaper. Took 3 months to sell a gen 2 glock in perfect shape.

I have listed guns on here for sale and ZIP ZERO NODA. I think I am the only one on here from Wenatchee.

I have bought a few guns on here [this website] and had to drive over to the west side every time to do the deal.

Well don't have to worry any more. No more guns for me. Not signing my hippa rights over to Jay ftard inslee or commie bob ferguson. SCREW THEM.

As for Craigslist I buy/sell stuff [non firearm related] on there often. I dont expect to be dealing with intelligence. Most of the time its fine but there have been a few times where I have been disappointing in how people acted. I do have to temper that with the many times I met nice people who were cool though.

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Well I guess thats the challenge of being a seller you gotta be patient as u do not know if they're buying on your shop in the future. gotta be super nice as much as possible



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