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(With apologies to Matthew Quigley for the headline! :D)

It is time to vote; use it but don’t abuse it

"We have already seen signs of political rebellion; Arizona’s illegal alien statute, and Montana’s Firearms Freedom Act that has been copied by other states and is now the subject of federal litigation. And then there is the Tea Party movement...

"...Voters have an opportunity to send people to Capitol Hill who believe in smaller, less-intrusive government and balanced budgets; the kind of people who really don't care how many firearms one owns, what kind they are or how they are stored. It is none of their business and certainly none of the government's business."

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Or try this:

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Hopefully this election will be recognized as more than just the selection of one party over another.

It needs to be seen for what I believe it will be.
A referendum on elected representatives that refuse to acknowledge and properly represent the majority of their constituent's wishes.

I don't believe that the American people were so stupid that they would have voted for the degree of "change" the last two years have wrought, had they known in advance that the results would look like they have/do.

TEA partiers aside, there were many "town hall" meetings held over significant legislation before this congress. The politician's treated them like an opportunity to "educate" the public.
The public thought it was a chance to tell their reps first hand what they wanted, and didn't want. The public tried to use these meetings to educate their representatives.
The press intervened and took the side of the politicians, labeling many of the meeting's attendants as rabble rousing, racist malcontents.

The reps learned little/nothing, and proceeded without regard for what the public told them at those meetings.
The public learned that their existing reps didn't/don't care what the public thinks or wants.

Hopefully the public also learned that the mainstream media can't be trusted.

Maybe after today, they'll have learned.
Legitimate agenda's are limited to the will of the people.

What gets me is how the press seems to be so baffled about how and why it happened. Just last night on CBS, Katie Couric asked a pundit "why things look so bleak for the Democrats." The answer he gave reflected none of the above, his response was all about the political parties.
The press, even though they KNOW they played a significant role in engineering the outcome of elections '06 AND '08, aren't smart enough to recognize that their meddling was in opposition to what the people wanted and expected.
Of their government and/or the press.
It's time to clean house, and I hope that today is the day.
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