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    You've heard me and others on this forum discuss a lot of politics. Just talk.

    My friend and boss decided to put his money (and hard work) where his mouth is and run against David Wu. John Kuzmanich is a hard working guy who is one of us, not one of them, and we are holding an open meeting tomorrow night in Beaverton to start up a volunteer organization.

    I invite each and every forum member who thinks this might be a good time to turn off the tv, get off your duff and take a hand in our self-governing society
    to come out tomorrow and say hello, maybe give some ideas on what it would take to get you and yours out to vote in the primary next spring. Your voice is important, and your help is appreciated.

    3800 SW Cedar Hills Rd
    Beaverton, OR 97005

    That's the BG Plaza office building, the one Beaverton wants to tear down for a baseball stadium.

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