YFZ 450 Rims and Tires. Plus, Graphics Kit.

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    I will trade for quality 9mm, .40 cal, .223, 30-06, or .338 Win Mag ammo of equal value. ****, I’ll even take cash.

    I have the stock rims with aftermarket tires for a YFZ450. The tires are Kenda Knarly’s, and are seriously the best tires I’ve ever ridden on. They make a two wheel drive sport bike have the traction of a four wheel drive utility quad. Plus a crazy horsepower boost from extreme traction. They are also six ply, so you know you would really have to try to puncture them These only got two day’s of riding on them before I sold off the bike. Very close two new. Actual shipping charges only, and local pickup free. $165 bucks, Eugene.

    One Industries- Skulls Graphics Kit.
    $6 bucks shipping, or free local pickup.
    $45 bucks, Eugene.

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