Yet Another Bad Weekend in Chicago - 47 shot, 5 dead - Gun Laws "Weak"

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    From the city with the most strict gun laws in the country comes the latest in an ongoing problem of shootings. In the article below, the Police Chief of Chicago blames "weak gun laws" :confused: Apart from an outright ban (which they would do if the pesky 2nd amendment weren't stopping them), what additional laws do they think they need? Why do voters keep putting these incompetent boobs back in office :confused:

    The mayor and other 'leaders' are going to have a 'meeting' to help work out a solution. I wonder how many more of their meetings and solutions it's going to take to fix the problem. Seems like all they ever do is talk, and the more they talk, the more anti-gun, anti-freedom laws they develop. They've all but banned guns in the city as it is.

    I guess one positive out of this is that it does is prove over and over and over again that gun laws don't prevent violence - they don't disarm criminals - they only disarm the law abiding citizens, leaving them at the mercy of a police force who is wholly incapable of protecting them. Fools like Emmanuel will simply continue down the same path and provide more and more evidence that their gun banning ways never solved a single problem. Maybe then, people will wake up and boot his kind out of there.
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    They would be better off banning crime... It would have about the same effect.
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    They should pass a law making it illegal to be a victim
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