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$700 is cheaper than the flying tiger painted ones that have been around for a couple years.

Heat shield looks like a good idea.


Pumps under pressure 40gph.

Uses a common 2200mah 3s battery for a peak 12.6v.

Probably use an electronic ignition of a cheap taser.

Battery cut off protection circuit.

Here is how I would make a simpler one on a backpack.

5gal soda keg, hose sprayer assembly with valve trigger and micro switch to trigger 10 dollar taser from eBay. Use a Co2 tank with pressure regulator or 12v portable air compressor to charge soda keg...

5gal is still bigger than their extended size with 3.3 gal...

Probably build it for half their handheld unit with more capabilities and adjustability...

They are probably manufacturing the whole thing for a hundred or so...
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