Years later, lesson still not learned: No power, no gas

I bring these facts up to people i know and it does not sink in with most of them.

For Hurricane Sandy, they had over 1 weeks notice, yet people still did not stock up. The same was true for the big snow storm that just hit back east.

Most people live under the normalcy bias. They think nothing bad will ever happen to them, so they do not stock even basic supplies.
Then theses very same people, plead with the Gov, to bring them heaters, food, water, blankets and shelter.

I am sure that the so called "crazy preppers" had heat, hot food, pure water, blankets and shelter and were not begging the Gov for help.

But, you will not hear of the preppers doing just fine on the news. Because, the press is nothing more than puppets for the Gov agencies that wish to be the knights in shining armor for the people in distress!
Years later, lesson still not learned: No power, no gas |

Add to that no banks, no ATMs, and more...

This would be a good story to share with friends and family who have no level of preparedness, and may drive around with their fuel tank less than 1/4 full.

the cost of generators in that story is a completely made up crap. I work in a 5 story office building and we had one put in about 10 years ago. It cost 95,000 and it can power the entire building. At the time there was an internal argument between the CFO and the facilities manager which bid to go with. Option 1 was about 25K and it wss capable of running our server room (lots of power hungry computers) and AC. Option 2 was 95K to ru the whole building.
While these 2 were battling each other the building suffered a power outtage for 2 or 3 days. Very shortly after that the big boy that would power the whole building was being installed.
If you are lucky enough to have land that has a running creek or stream you can set up a simple hydroelectric gennie that will power your house. I'm in the process of planning out one for my mom's place right now :)


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