Yankee Hill Machine items, bbls, handguards, sights, gas blocks, etc…

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    Hello all and welcome to my YHM page, I hope to update frequently and offer more.
    All items are new in factory packages. They may have been opened for pics only.
    If you need something you don’t see please ask, many items are still on backorder!
    Especially handguards, stock changes frequently, ask if you don’t see the size/style.
    Most items will ship for $5 priority mail, barrels and bulky items by actual cost.

    I am double checking for price errors as well, I think it's good though!
    I will make shipping/price deals on multiple items.

    YHM-5008-TJ Todd Jarrett Rifle Length Competition Handguard $170.00
    YHM-965 Carbine Free Float Tube (knurled) $50.00
    YHM-9431A Customizable Carbine Forearm Includes full length and 3” rail $120.00
    YHM-9432A Customizable Rifle Forearm Includes full length and 3” rail $150.00
    YHM-9637-DX Diamond Specter Length $130.00
    YHM-9637-DX (Not shown) Diamond Rifle Length $130.00
    YHM-9477 Solid Specter Length $120.00
    YHM-9848B Handguard Endcap $19.00
    YHM-9437K Handguard Plug kit $8.00
    YHM-9621 Installation Wrench $28.00
    YHM-5040 Front and Rear Quick Deploy Sight Set $165.00
    YHM-9680 Flip up Rear Sight $78.00
    YHM-240A Picatinny 1” diam. Short Rings $76.00
    YHM-241A Picatinny 1” diam. Tall (AR) Rings $76.00
    YHM-9394 Hooded Flip up gas block w/bayo lug + sling loop .750” diam. $85.00
    YHM-9836A Railed gas block w/bayo lug + sling loop (2 pc.) $70.00
    YHM-9385A Single Rail gas block .750” diam. (1 pc.) $63.00
    YHM-9383 Low Profile gas block .750” diam. (1 pc.) $22.00
    YHM-9387 Low Profile Bull Barrel gas block .936” diam. (1 pc.) $48.00
    YHM-28-5C1 (Pictured) Phantom Smooth ½”-28 tpi Comp/Flash Hider $32.00
    YHM-28-5C2 (Not shown) Phantom Toothed ½”-28 tpi Comp/Flash Hider $32.00
    YHM-3080-5C2 Phantom 308 5/8”-24 tpi Comp/Flash hider $50.00
    YHM-77_TF Threaded, Diamond Fluted 20" 1:7 5.56 bbl $225.00
    YHM-80-T Threaded 16" 1:10 6.8 SPC bbl $205.00
    YHM-80-TF Threaded, Diamond Fluted 20" 1:10 6.8 SPC bbl $205.00
    YHM-110 Stripped A3 Upper Reciever Only $85.00
    YHM-110-68 Stripped A3 Upper Reciever Only Marked "6.8 SPC" $95.00
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    BTT, sorry about the pics, will be up soonish...
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    Still have the yhm 9621

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