Yamaha V Max 1200 V4 Generation 1 Chrome Mufflers

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    Near perfect condition take offs from my 2000 V Max.. 2500 total miles. Only a tiny scuff at the back edge of one muffler from a slight encounter with my garage door rail, you can hardly see that and it could be nearly buffed out with a little elbow grease. The rest of the pipes are nearly as new as they were stored in a dry shed. I wiped them with some windex to get the dust off them but they could use a good cleaning and wax job. New these are at least $650 and I only want $250 + shipping if any. I will consider some trades that I will list at the bottom




    Here is the scuff mark.. it does not look this bad in person, most of the appearance is the fact that it is so reflective and bright. You can hardly see it when the mufflers are installed, anyway


    Trades I may consider

    98 Mauser large ring with bad or mediocre barrel or just the action and no barrel

    Single stage reloading presses

    Reloading scales

    Hornady Pro 7 shell plates that I may not have

    Some bullet molds

    Some calibers of die sets

    Good condition level 3 body armor and or plates

    2 XL level 3 PASGT helmet

    5.56 Nato once fired, unprocessed military brass

    7.62 NATO once fired, unprocessed military brass

    Military bullets for those two calibers

    Large and small standard rifle primers

    Large and small pistol primers, Mag or standard

    .40 caliber factory bullets and 40 and 10 MM once fired or new brass

    Ruger LCP and or spare mags

    HK 91 claw mounts

    Procyon or the newer model strobe light

    Dark Earth rail covers

    HK 93 mags

    Nice condition small to medium Stihl chainsaws

    Good condition digital camera

    Some gardening tools

    Mauls, sledgehammers, wedges, etc

    a good condition wood lathe

    belt sanders

    Large table saw

    An adze and some other wood working tools

    Surf fishing rods and reels in good shape
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