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    Tired of the same old drive time radio programs? Looking for variety and the ability to get it with no commercials? The you should try XM Satellite Radio. It offers over 150 channels and 70+ with no commercials. Do you like Howard Stern? How about Old Time Radio? The latest news? Traffic reports? This has it all. It is also portable so you can un-dock it from the base, put your head phone in and walk around. Want to record a program? It can record hours worth or programs and replay stuff you just listened to in case you missed something. This is a Tao xm2go Portable Satellite Radio Receiver with Home and Car Accessory Kit. It has 2 home docking stations with antennas, one mobile docking station with car plug and antenna, 2 remotes plus some extra accessories. This unit is ready for easy install in your car or at home. Take it anywhere in your house. The quality is dynamic as the signal is all digital. No static. This is great for those who spend way too much time in our cars commuting for work or those who drive for a living. It never has to be reprogrammed for different cities because it works off satellites not local radio towers. The even deployed booster units in major highways that have terrain challenges.

    These go for $68 used to $327 new. I'm adding in all these additional kits so you don't have to buy them for a steal at $40.(Shipping will be a bit extra but it will be the actual cost)
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