WTS/WTT OR XD .45 tactical safariland holster

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    Springfield XD .45 Tactical: $30

    Right hand Safariland duty/combat retention holster with belt slot mount, it releases by thumbing the hood forward then pressing the black tab down, this happens naturally while swiping the thumb back towards your firing grip. I think they call this a level III retention which many departments require. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg It's in great condition never used for duty or anything just around the house or at the range, it's great to have a good retention holster for ATV carry or mowing the lawn too.

    This fits the Springfield XD .45 Tactical 5" barrel, I used it for my XD .45 service model with the 4" barrel and was planning on getting the 5" but went a different direction.

    I don't know if this will work with 9mm/40s&w or the XDM variety so you'll have to do research on that.

    reloading supplies

    Factory ammo: .22, 9mm, .40s&w, .45 acp, .38 special, .357 magnum, 12 gauge, 5.56

    Holsters/accessories for
    Glock 21
    Hk USP 45
    J frame s&w 642
    Hk p2000 / Hk45c

    Rifle sling for AR15

    Magpul carbine foregrip

    Firearm related books

    Backpacking backpack

    Interesting in a lot, let me know

    Oregon city/milwaukie area
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