WWII Smith & Wesson 38 S&W Revolver Plus Reloading Dies

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    S&W revolver WWII era. Cambered for 38 S&W (not the more common 38 special). Great collectors gun. No military stamps means premium value. I have many more photos available. Plus a new set of LEE reloading dies to match (Rare)

    It's value up to $625 not including the dies that have been used once to make 12 rounds.

    Ammo if difficult to find (Well isn't it all). I found that cutting down 38 Special brass works a treat. Diamentions are with the reloading dies.

    Trade for a 44 chambered Derringer (will consider other chambering). Or 1911 in 45 ACP or other gun chambered in 44 spl or mag of same value or lesser with some cash or ammo, whatever is fair. Maybe a single action as I like cowboy action shooting.

    If selling then the cash price is firm.




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