WTS OR WWII M2 ball ammo (30-06) and crate

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    I've been sitting on this ammo for 20 years and I've decided to let someone else have fun with it.
    It's 25 20-round boxes of ww2 30-06 ammunition in the original wooden crate. The cartridges are headstamped TW 43 (Twin Cities arsenal). The lot number on the boxes match the number on the crate. The cardboard boxes look like new except for 3 that show a little wear on the top flap, one has the top flap open and a few that have minor smudges of black sealant from the inside of the crate. Crate has the original wood lid and two wing nuts. UPDATED PRICE: $350 for all of it.

    20181128_190406.jpg 20181128_185956.jpg 20181128_190212.jpg 20181128_190316.jpg 20181128_190105.jpg 20181128_190042.jpg
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