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I am in talks about buying an actual WWII bring back of a “US Gov“ stamped WW1 era firearm. It’s with the original family and it appears there is no paper DD603 with it. I’m in Oregon, but can this transfer even be done or will the firearm get flagged and lost in Federal paperwork for years.

Or will the FFL even care?

Any insight before money changes hand is most welcome.
I'm no FFL nor a lawyer to give advice, but I'll bet there's no "flag" to be raised. This is just one of the millions of WWI and WWII firearms out there. That's assuming it's not a full auto.
There are tens of thousands of ex-Gov property 1911’s on the market at any time. I’ve never heard of anyone being questioned about the provenance.
Glad to hear that...thanks :)


I had an acquaintance tell me a while back of a relative of his who had one in his possession that had been brought back from WWII by his grandfather. He said that at some point said grandfather had gotten nervous and had ground/filed off the serial number. He then asked me what I thought it might be worth. I told him that with a ground-off serial number, I didn't want to look at it or even know about it.
If it's WWI would it be an R&C item? Would it even require a BGC? If it's not on anybody's books, and if it's legal to do so, I'd keep it that way.

But you also have Oregon law to contend with, so I don't know.
As long as it was still in original configuration it would qualify as a Curio & Relic (50+ years old or on the official C&R list) but not an Antique (receiver made in or before 1898, blackpowder muzzleloader, etc.), unless it was something like an antique Krag or Spanish-American War capture Mauser that was still government property during WWI. Federally, it would still have to go to an FFL, but it would only require a C&R FFL (FFL03) instead of the usual dealer FFL (FFL01). Unfortunately, 941 made it illegal for someone here with a C&R license to receive a C&R gun without having it transferred by a dealer as far as I know.

To the original question, there are tons of surplus guns floating around with government property marks and as said earlier I doubt anyone cares.
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