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30-30 Winchester
I’m just trying to test the waters with this one. One of my favorite guns, a Winchester Model 64 from 1951. (Checked the serial online as well as what was on the paperwork from the gun shop). It’s in fantastic shape, aside from a small wear mark on the stock. I clean my guns religiously. It has a custom addition of a peep sight which looks professionally done. It was on the gun when I bought it. I love this thing, but I’d like a more modernized lever action in a more common caliber such as 38 SPL / .357. Even 45-70 if available. As an example of what I’m looking for, Marlin model 1894 Stainless with longer mag tube. Cash added on my end, if it’s necessary. I don’t know much about lever guns, I bought this years ago used (consignment I believe) from cabelas. I believe I have around 80-100 rounds to pair up with it.

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Would you have a cash price possibly? Or just trade only?
If I were to sell it for cash, I’d like to try and get as close to what the price of the rifle is that I would like to replace it with and that’s the Marlin 1895 @ $1,399. I’m not entirely firm on getting that exact amount if I were to sell it but as close as I could comfortably get to being able to purchase that rifle in replacement would be ideal. It’s definitely up for discussion. After the fair bit of research I’ve done since posting this, being that it’s in excellent condition and pre-64; I find being within a ballpark amount of that price would be a fair discussion.

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