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    I've decided that I'm not going to be reloading ammo.... selling all my stuff:

    rcbs pro 2000 auto index press 600
    1000 remington small pistol primers 50
    500 rainier ballistics 9mm 124gr fmj 51
    rcbs 223 trim die 39
    rcbs vibratory tumbler 92
    rcbs dry case cleaner 17
    rcbs shell plates #10,16 36 (each)
    rcbs ar series 223/556 dies 45
    rcbs 505 scale 83
    rcbs powder funnel 8
    rcbs univ loading block 11
    rcbs case lube kit 24
    rcbs primer pocket brush 18
    rcbs deburring tool 23
    rcbs carbide 9mm die set 57
    rcbs primer pocket swager 87
    rcbs corn cob media 21
    rcbs die plates (2) 22 (each)

    i think that is about everything.
    everything is sealed in factory packaging brand new probably $1300 (added up retail prices before tax) worth of stuff.

    Looking for $1000 cash or $1200 in trade value
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    Not sure about those prices, but they seem to be a bit high, even for NIB stuff.
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