WTT Ruger Redhawk .41 Magnum

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    Ruger Redhawk in .41 Magnum. 7.5 inch barrel. Not seen often in this caliber.

    Excellent condition. Low round count. No box, but comes with original grips as shown, plus a set of rubber Hogues, and a box of ammo. (50 rounds)


    I'm placing a trade value of $800 on it. I did a quick search and only found one currently for sale on GB.

    Trade for:

    1911, no Springfields or cheaper stuff
    S&W or Colt 357, or 44 cal revolver.
    SIG pistol, no 40 cals
    Maybe a lever action rifle in a hunting caliber
    Left hand hunting rifle
    Colt SAA
    Freedom Arms revolver

    Cash can go your way, or my way, depending on the deal.

    Or???? Try me. I'm all ears.

    I'm not super motivated to move this. It just doesn't get used.

    Deals in the Seattle, Tacoma area please.
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