WTT: Remington 597 VTR, Bipod, Scope, Heavy Barrel, + LNIB

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    Here's a Remington 597VTR, .22LR, has had maybe 20 rounds through it. Heavy, or bull barrel.
    Information from Remington is included below.

    This is not a plastic type- it's a solid metal design, except for the collapsible buttstock. I avoided this type of rifle for several years because I just couldn't stand the feel/sound of the plastic. This one is all metal forward of the solidly built adjustable buttstock, and seems to have strength and durability written all over it. If you're looking for a featherweight, this one is not it. When I bought it, the seller said it was designed as a varmint / target rifle, made extra solid and heavy for accuracy.
    It still weighs less than my regular hunting rifles, but it's no lightweight.


    Includes Box, owner's manual, all papers that were in the box, the original packing materials,
    Papers include the VTR addendum with blown-up drawing and parts list specific to this type.

    a factory 10 round magazine, (filled and used 2 times)
    a promag REM-A1 22 Rd smoke/transparent magazine (unused)
    2 Remington 30 Rd magazines that were loaded, unloaded and never fired.

    an 8-32x50mm scope (I guess some folk's like to look inside a bug's eye before plucking it off a branch 100 yards away)
    The scope has not been zeroed.

    The bipod is a quick detach.

    Adjustable (collapsible) stock

    Bought this for my boys and on the same trip up shooting they discovered .44 Magnum and .45 LC.
    I *think* they may have put two of the 10 round magazine loads through it. Maybe. They had eyes only for the .44 Mag and .45 LC.

    Trade items: Handguns and long guns in 44Mag, 45LC, or 357Mag. Progressive reloading press, and or supplies.

    Preferences (but not limitations) are Stainless, DA, Made in USA. And of course, good working condition.

    If your trade item is blued, SA, and imported- we can still talk, but we'll have more discussion about relative values. I am not unreasonable.
    If your firearm/ammo/reloading gear ends up being worth significantly more than this 597 and accoutrements, we'll find a way to make that up, either green paper or another trade. I say it in most of my WTT posts and PMs... the less green paper I have to deal with, the happier I am.

    As an idea of trade value- I paid $497 for the rifle, $120 for scope, $22 for Promag, $28 for each of the Remington mags (+ Waste/Fraud/Abuse money for the State Gov in the form of sales tax.)
    I just did a quick search on Google and found that I paid the same for the Promag, and $4 too much for the Rem mags. Those numbers indicate an approximate trade value. Since I won't be selling this to you, I don't need to hear how someone else bought all of these cheaper. I don't send those kinds of messages to other people, and I only needed to read it a few times before the novelty and pleasure in that discussion wore off. :cheers2:

    From Remington:

    Model 597™ VTR

    Well established in the world of 22 rimfire rifles, the Model 597 family of autoloading rimfires adds full-featured, AR-style versions to its line-up, the Model 597 VTR (Varmint Target Rifle) 22LR in two distinctive configurations. With performance-enhancing features derived from Remington’s platform of R-15 and R-25 modular repeating rifles, these heavy barreled, tack-driving carbines will be offered through Gander Mountain® retailers and available nationwide to dealer network through Ellett Brothers.

    With its innovative design, the Model 597 platform starts with our proprietary bolt-guidance system, which features a unique set of twin tool-steel guide rails for better stability, feeding reliability and greater out-of-the-box accuracy. The bolt, hammer and sear of the Model 597 feature an exclusive nickel-Teflon® plating for smooth, dependable operation and an ultra-crisp trigger pull. To assure reliable, long-term accuracy, a permanent rigid barrel attachment clamp is incorporated for positive lock-up.
    Key Features:

    Nickel-Teflon plating for smooth, dependable operations
    Barrel Attachment Clamp for positive lock-up
    Target-style, free-floating 16" barrels
    Low Profile, 10-round Magazine
    Non-Reflective Matte Finish
    1913 Picatinny Rail System
    Pardus Collapsible Stock


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    Pm sent
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    what brand/model is the scope? would you consider selling the scope only?
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    If you haven't already made a trade I would be willing to purchase your after market 22 round magazine. If not, no biggie. I'm in the area and have cash in hand and can meet either today or tomorrow.

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