WTT H&K USP9 Package

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    ***********TRADE PENDING***************

    Up for trade is my barely used H&K USP9.

    Carries cocked and locked, and it will also drop the hammer safely, so it can be fired either single action or double.

    It comes with SIX 18 round LEO magazines. These are real spendy, if you can find them.

    The H&K Tactical light.

    Jet Funnel Magwell (needed or the LEO mags won't work)

    Case, papers, etc.



    I'm looking to trade for:

    Decent quality over and under or side by side shotgun

    Nice 1911

    H&K Squeeze cocker

    Python or Diamondback

    Old, collectable S&W or Colt revolvers

    Lever action rifles (no 30/30's)

    Single shot hunting rifles, like Brownings or Winchesters.


    Not in any hurry to move this. It just doesn't get any use. It was a purchased package deal, with everything listed above.

    Let me know via PM what you might have. I'm in no hurry, so I'll wait for the right deal.

    And so you have a starting point for value.....this is pretty easily a $1000 package I am trading.

    I'm in Seattle, and can't travel very far.

    Thanks for looking

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