WTT Glock 30 for Taurus 450

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by 4th_point, Jun 5, 2010.

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  1. 4th_point

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    I'd like to trade my Glock 30 for a Taurus 450 (45 Colt snubnose). Glock is in very good condition with night sights and 2 mags. Does not have light rail. Night sights are still bright enough to see, but appear slightly dimmer than others I have had.

    Glock has been reliable, accurate, and soft shooting. No issues with the Glock. Great pistol, but I have gotten the 45 Colt bug and now want a snubnose.

    Might consider trading for a Taurus 455 (45 ACP snubnose) or Taurus 415 (41 mag snubnose). Really want the Colt though, so these others would only be a last resort.

    +/- cash, holster, etc. depending on condition and accessories of your trade.
  2. taylor

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    When you get yours, heres a smith who does a conversion so you can shoot .45acp also with moonclips as well as .45 colt normally.
    They are great guns and accurate with practice.
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